Speedglas Automatic Welding Helmet 

     The 3M™ Speedglas™ 9100 series is the benchmark in welding helmet technology. Speedglas 9100 is for professional welders who require optimum comfort, trusted protection and ultimate performance. Speedglas 9100 is our top of the line welding helmet series and is now available with a safety helmet, flip-up functionality and integrated powered air respiratory protection.

- Weld (Stick, MIG, TIG>1A), Cut, Grind, Outdoor, Hidden Arc & Tack (AS/NZS1338.1)

- Largest viewing area available (73x107mm + SideWindows)

- Highest possible optical classification (1/1/1)

- High impact protection suitable for grinding (AS/NZS1337.1)

- Optional Australian standards approved safety helmet.

- Optional flip-up functionality with or without Adflo powered air respiratory protection.


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